The Stoned Crab

The Stoned Crab* restaurant offers Key West’s freshest seafood and specializes in our most famous and most delectable local seafood — stone crab! Located adjacent to Ibis Bay Beach Resort, the restaurant has two private fishing boats that deliver daily catches of stone crab, lobster, Key West shrimp and a variety of local fish. With a full bar, experienced staff and a friendly open air atmosphere, The Stoned Crab is the perfect place for a relaxing meal or local cocktail.

The Stoned Crab Introduces a “Whole” New Seafood Experience!

Known for serving the freshest seafood in Key West, The Stoned Crab is now taking their culinary expertise to a ‘whole’ new level with the addition of locally-sourced, same-day-caught whole fish to their award-winning menu! 

In addition to stone crab claws, tender lobster, seafood steamer pots, and a wide assortment of always-fresh filleted fish, you can now select your favorite whole fish from the waterfront restaurant's whole fish display case and have it cooked to order – blackened, barbecued, baked, or grilled; stuffed with lobster and stone crab meat; and speared with Key West pink shrimp skewers! Pair your whole fish dish with a Stoned Crab Eco-Bar cocktail, made with only natural or organic ingredients, and you're in for a one-of-a-kind Key West experience!