ECO-US Eco Bar features only organic or sustainable wines and spirits, hand-crafted, eco-cocktails and craft-brewed beers. They showcase the very best producers who are committed to environmentally respectful farming and production methods. 

ECO-YOU If you’ve ever been fruit picking at a local organic farm or smelled a freshly cut sprig of rosemary you already know the intoxicating power of fresh-picked eco-produce. Utilizing organic or sustainable ingredients protects the earth and ultimately you from the damaging effects of artificial ingredients. Nobody is going to proclaim cocktails health drinks any time soon, but using honest-to-goodness ingredients is a whole lot better (and more delicious) than high-fructose flavored liquors and mixes. 

ECO-PERFECT PAIRING Just as the right combination of sustainable seafood and farm-fresh ingredients complement each other in our award–winning dishes, a cocktail or wine that’s perfectly paired with each dish celebrates and elevates both the dish and the drink. It’s a little bit of concocter’s magic. You will appreciate it with the very first sip … and bite.