Introducing Chef Distilled: A one-day, three-stage culinary tour that pays homage to Key West's favorite beverage... RUM!

Love rum, delicious cocktails, and super-fresh seafood? We thought so. Then Chef Distilled is an ideal way to spend a day while in Key West. Learn about the rum fermentation, distillation, and bottling process; take a bartender class with a local expert who's perfected the craft of mixing cocktails that involve Key West Legal Rum and local fruits, vegetables, and spices; and dine at our award winning The Stoned Crab! Here are some more details for you on this one-day, three-stage culinary tour....

Stage One: The day begins with a tour of the iconic Key West Legal Rum distillery, where you learn how to distill and bottle your own rum, with plenty of opportunities for taste-testing! Founded by Chef Paul Menta of The Stoned Crab restaurant, you'll also learn how they use various local and all-natural ingredients to give their rum a uniquely Key West flavor that tastes great both straight and mixed with your favorite blends or fruit juices!

Stage Two: Once you've bottled your on Key West Legal Rum blend, the culinary tour continues at The Stoned Crab restaurants's newly-launched Eco-Bar, the only bar on the island where all drinks are served with organic, artificial-ingredient free cocktails and wines. Here, you'll meet with an expert Eco-Bar bartender for a lesson in how using local, organic, and seasonal ingredients enhance the taste of a cocktail to a naturally delicious level. Then, using various all-natural alcoholic bases, including the Key West Legal Rum distilled earlier that day, you then mix, blend, stir, and shake the Eco-Cocktail of your dreams! 

Stage Three: Chef Distilled concludes with a four course prix-fixe seafood dinner at our very own The Stoned Crab, where you dine on super-fresh seafood dishes – many of which are prepared using Key West Legal Rum as a flavoring base.

Introducing The Three Hands Experience: Three Hands. One Unforgettable Day.

The Three Hands Experience is named after Three Hands Fish sustainable seafood market. In an industry where 90% of the seafood Americans consume is imported from China, Vietnam, and India – where often times dozens of individual entities handle the fish, degrading the quality each step of the way – Three Hands Fish is founded on seafood transparency, honesty, and sustainability. Their comes from the reality that only three ‘hands’ ever touch their fish: the hand of their commercial fishermen, the hand of their market fillet master, and the hand of their customers. The Three Hands Experience offers a tour of each ‘hand’ in this super-short, ultra-transparent supply chain.

The On-Board Experience (first hand): The day begins aboard a commercial fishing boat, where the first "hand", a THF Florida Keys captain, teaches you about sustainable fishing practices; how various local Florida Keys species are caught and then tracked; and what THF Florida Keys fishermen do on-board the boat to preserve freshness and flavor.

Two options are available: Standard and Upgrade. While Standard involves learning about the above on a docked boat in the waters just outside of the THF market, Upgrade includes a 1/2, 3/4, or full day charter fishing trip.

The Market Experience (second hand): You and your THF Florida Keys captain will then deliver his day’s fresh catch to the Three Hands Fish market on the dock next to our very own The Stoned Crab restaurant. When you enter the market, you’ll meet their second “hand”, a THF Fillet Master. Here, you'll both learn how to properly fillet and debone a just-caught whole fish, and how to properly care for it in order to preserve freshness and flavor.

The Chef Experience (third hand): The Three Hands Experience concludes with a four course prix-fixe dinner at The Stoned Crab, personally prepared for you by our award-winning Chef Paul. Every course will be accompanied by chef’s selected sustainable and biodynamic wines or beers.

To inquire further about Chef Distilled or The Three Hands Experience, email fishandrumtours@gmail.com, who can make your reservation and answer any questions, or submit the below form!

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